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Any individual, partnership or corporation can do business in the Netherlands if they set up an entity or a particular legal form. There are a number of legal forms one can choose from to set up a Dutch entity, the following are some of the examples:

1. Private Limited Liability (besloten vennootschappen met beperkte aansprakelijkheld “B.V”.),

2. Dutch Public Limited Company (NaamlozeVennootschap “N.V”.),

3. Dutch General Partnership (VennootschapOnder Firma“VOF”),

4. Dutch Limited Partnership (CommanditaireVennootschap “C.V.”),

5. Co-operatives (Coöperatie);

6. Foundations (Stichtingen),

7. Branch and a Representative office.

The most popular legal forms for small and medium size is a “B.V”. It is especially true since the Flex BV Act came in effect on 1 October 2012, and the new legislation offers greater flexibility and simplifies the company rules.

We and our partners offer a variety of services to help small or medium firms operate their business in the Netherlands. Our services include:

1. Company formation in Holland

2. Opening a bank account Amsterdam

3. Company secretarial services Amsterdam

4. Bookkeeping and preparing of annual accounts Amsterdam

5. Value Added Tax return and Corporate Income Tax return

6. Going to Dutch market


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